Columbine - A New World (Documentary)

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This is the second installment of the documentary series "Columbine" and covers the details of the tragedy at Columbine as they happened on April 20, 1999, and how the effects of this day rattle the thoughts of Americans and echo in the halls of schools today.

0:00 - Intro
5:17 - Why Columbine?
12:50 - Tuesday, April 20
16:09 - Preparation
19:59 - Gathering Things Together
22:48 - Brooks Brown
25:39 - Commencement
28:25 - The Bombs
31:10 - Backup Plan
33:21 - Shots Fired
38:40 - Students Investigate
41:28 - Taking Sanctuary
47:22 - Patti Nielson
49:37 - The 911 Call
54:58 - The Library
1:05:54 - Entering the Cafeteria
1:09:49 - Final Moments
1:11:05 - The Responders
1:16:23 - Who's to Blame?
1:20:08 - The War on Guns
1:23:33 - Punks and Goths
1:27:24 - The Aftermath
1:29:52 - Credits
1:30:37 - Never Could See Any Other Way

After nearly two years of scrupulous preparation, two high school students, who appear no other than ordinary to their family and peers, in Littleton, Colorado, were ready to commit of the greatest school atrocities that America has ever seen. In just one hour, 15 people were dead, and 24 others were injured. Countless numbers of Americans were glued to their television sets, watching the aftermath of the horrific events that had just occurred, not only baffled as to what it all meant, but also as to how it exactly happened. Why hadn’t the United States seen anything like this occur at any other educational institutions previously? Why were the events that transpired at Columbine so successful? What allowed the two perpetrators, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, to go about their planes with such little obstacle? Multiple news stations gathered around the disordered campus, analyzing nearby evidence and interviewing firsthand witnesses, hoping to receive the answers to all of these questions.

As we look back at the tragic event long after it has been indefinitely imprinted into the dark side of American culture, it is much easier to get a better idea of why and how the ordeal was as devastating as it turned out to be, as opposed to trying to find the answers to these questions on that fateful day. By looking at the circumstances that were formed from incidents which occurred before and during the massacre, as well as studying the aftermath of the event and its consequences on modern society, we can formulate a much more apparent explanation for how Columbine happened and why it continues to have such a negative influence on the world today.

Also known as Columbine - The Big Picture (Part 2)

Video contains:
- Disturbing content
- Violent content
- Offensive content
- Sudden loud noises
- Political Content

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